London Fabric Company welcomes Arctic with its concept being the blending of comfort with style seamlessly for a contemporary interior. The collection weaves the finest quality natural fabrics in tranquil hues that reflect the sustainable nature of the collection. The Icelandic landscape features in the organic textures combined with gentle surface patterns that imbue a sense of effortless elegance.


Arctic’s pioneering work in creating luxurious leathers from salmon’s skin is exceptional. The salmon skins are tanned using hydroelectric power and thermal water. Then these precious leathers are carefully hand-strung in a small cottage factory near the Arctic Circle. The result of this labour of love is a fine leather that is both robust for upholstery and also supple for scatter cushions. This luxurious leather is enduring and graceful focussing on immaculate finishing. This leather comes in seven colours ranging from shimmering Silver and Pearl to Storm and Purple, and be used for upholstery as well as trimming.





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