Anna French

In 1976, Anna French and husband John French moved from London to Scotland, where they formed the company on the top floor of a Victorian lace mill. Anna decided to produce Scottish lace, and to this day Anna French Lace sells worldwide. The business grew a little each year, but it wasn’t until 1994 when she began to introduce high-end Children’s Collections, including Ready Teddy Go, that things really took off. In 2007, an agreement was reached for them to team up with Thibaut. This partnership allowed the company to benefit from the business expertise of the oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm in the U.S., while maintaining the dynamic creativity of a small boutique firm.


Bold, original design and deep convictions about the strength of family have defined Anna French’s life. From the vibrant geometric designs she began producing at art school in the 1960s to the big, brilliant wallpapers and luxury fabrics that make up her collection. Their style is always evolving. Anna French ‘s courageous use of colour and flair for the dramatic remain unchanged. A strong desire to produce her own fabrics prompted Anna to start her own company.





bold design, colour, flair, lace