Ardecora, the rich fabric housed has been alluring the people with its unique qualities. The view is that Ardecora fabric is like people – clear in character and exceptional in their charisma.  The Ardecora fabric house is created by the European House of Design Zimmer+Rohde. They have Italian roots and it celebrates the wonderful art of Renaissance. The Ardecora fabric originates in the spectacular décor and blossoms in the sensual magnificence. The Ardecora fabrics skillfully reinvented the old motif designs and created fascinating fabrics to suit the contemporary interiors.

The entire range of made to measure curtain fabric as well as fabric upholstery is created with heavy velvets and silk damasks fabrics that have deep tone of jewel colours.  For instance, the “Diva-Vibrations” curtain fabric collection embodies an ethereal beauty. The “Fascination” from the collection of “Diva-Vibrations” is a set of velvet curtain fabrics pays rich tribute to the reigning Divas through its amazing velvety texture, colour and appearance. The “Great Gatsby” curtain fabric collection is a beautiful set of striped curtains. The designer took inspiration from the life of the era of 1920s when the cities like New York, London, Berlin and Paris were booming with prosperity.

Ardecora also offers a wide range of luxurious upholstery fabric. The velvets and silks magnify the beauty of the designs. The traditional classics have been redefined with a contemporary style and presented just for you. Ardecora’s “Enigma” collection presents a set of glorious velvet upholstery fabric. The shimmering velvet print along with the viscose upholstery fabric magnifies the appearance of the interiors. “Maniera” is another set of striped upholstery fabric which charms you with its grace and richness. The stripes and the tendril designs with the added velvet effect really make it an outstanding upholstery fabric collection.

Ardecora’s latest collection Veneto is inspired by the palaces and romantic gardens, architecturally. Immersed in the style of the Renaissance and nestled among picturesque hills, this region is famous for clear lines and the unique design language of architect Andrea Palladio. The collection is a loving homage to the villas and gardens designed by the Italian master. Graceful and stylish, Ardecora’s Palladio collection takes inspiration from Palladio’s characteristic style and revives it over five hundred years later in the collection’s designs. Notable in this collection is Corteccia inspired by the trees in the gardens of Palladio. The embroidery of this regal decorative striped pattern, with its subtle tones and lively texture, is simply captivating. The elegant iridescent effect of the background rounds off the sophistication of this refined fabric. Profumo presents a regal, decorative damask fabric with an elegant tendril design is a first-class Italian quality textile. Profumo captivates with its contemporary use of colour and its three-dimensional effect, which lends this textile its uniquely sophisticated quality. Pergola features an embroidery masterpiece of the highest order. The light, iridescent effect of the background underscores the extremely sophisticated design of this lavish and highly decorative floral pattern. Ardecora’s Tramonto is woven on a fine silk warp and finished with linen flax and viscose, that beguiles the senses with its rich, elegant, voluminous drape. These qualities, together with the subtle range of colours, lend this fabric its contemporary, sophisticated and expressive characteristics.





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