Family-run for four generations, Zimmer + Rohde is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe. The Zimmer + Rohde label presents itself as a variation of the modern classic.

Carefully coordinated colours and subtly combined designs exude timeless elegance. Every atmosphere, whether a belle epoque villa or minimalist cubic, can be individually combined with Zimmer + Rohde. Zimmer + Rohde and their exclusive brands of Travers, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie offer a versatile Atlas of fabrics from damask and Epinglé to rich cotton velvets and linen plain weaves to plaids with every fabric offering its own characteristic feel and special sensuality.

The collections by Zimmer + Rohde include Wonderland which is inspired by mythical places, fairy-tale dream worlds and the magic of the future. While taking cues from cabinets of curiosity Wonderland also pays tribute to traditional craftsmanship that is complemented by the new design options made possible by technical innovation. Notable amongst them is Kasai with a pattern inspired by Polynesian bark paintings, this embroidered geometric pattern is created in several stages, some using special embroidery machines and some carried out by hand. The pure linen base material lends a natural character to the decorative fabric. Yasar presents an impressive geometric decorative velvet pattern inspired from the African Shoowa tradition. Curacao presents bright, linear stripes akin to those of traditional kilim rugs. Curacao particularly stands out for its expressive combinations of colours. Thanks to its practical features, this colourful fabric can be combined with both traditional and modern aesthetics to internal decorations.

The eponymous Wonderland fabric pays homage to artists such as Henri Rousseau who imagined magical gardens in exotic lands, without themselves having ever seen them. In their paintings, they gave free rein to their imaginations. Wonderland depicts such a mythical landscape, where dragonflies perch on reeds and delicate blossoms nestle together. Wonderland’s warp print accentuates the vibrancy of the pattern with the grass gently swaying in a balmy summer breeze.

The Zagora embroidery fabric presents a simultaneous ethnic-inspired geometry that also evokes the stylistic idiom of the Bauhaus era, for the great designers of that age also loved to take inspiration from the indigenous beauty of ancient cultures.

Kubist is the latest addition of a decorative jacquard velvet with seemingly random combinations of color surfaces and geometry. An iridescent print made up of small polygonal areas lies over the clear grid of the geometric jacquard design. Since the two patterns are created in two separate production steps, the print motif and fabric overlap in changing formations and make Kubist an attractive eye-catcher on furniture or as a decorative curtain fabric.

Website: zimmer-rohde.com