Established in 1942, Wildman & Bugby Ltd are now a 3rd generation family leather specialist and are one of the UK’s largest stockists and suppliers of high quality upholstery leather hides to designers, architects, upholsterers and manufacturers across the world.

Upholstery standard leather hides come in three qualities: Aniline (a delicate hide dyed through with only a light surface finish/protection, which gives a natural look and feel that ages beautifully over time with a patina), Semi-Aniline (leather hides are dyed through as well as a light pigment coating is applied. This process retains leather’s natural look, luxurious touch as well as ensures that the leather becomes more durable and easier to care for than an aniline) and Pigmented (in addition to the above processes, pigmented hides have an enhanced pigmented finish and treatment procedure that renders the hide more durable as well as easy to clean and maintain).

Website: wildmanbugby.co.uk



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