Whistler Leathers offers a series of exquisite quality leather hides for upholstery and wallcovering purposes. Whistler Leather has over the years developed close relationships with Europe’s elite leather tanneries. This close collaboration results in an extensive collection of high grade leathers for chesterfield sofas, club chairs, wallcoverings, to name but a few.

It comes as no surprise that Whistler Leather tends to be chosen by leading interior designers and architects in the UK and internationally with famous projects recently at luxury hotels as the Hilton Hotels, Hyde Park, London, Claridge’s, London, various Private Residences, boutiques,  high end corporate offices and entertainment venues.

Nowadays sophisticated production processes enable the production of beautiful hides in a bewildering number of finishes. Leather traditionally has three grades/qualities:

  • Aniline Leather (i.e. the purest form of leather. The hides used will be of the highest quality dyed in a drum with an organic chemical dye rather than spray-painted with a pigment. This ensures that the hides’ natural growth-marks will be visible, which make each hide unique, evidence of the finest leather. The Aniline, often mixed with oils, soaks through the hide rather than being absorbed on the top layer, resulting in the softest feel and richest look. Aniline leather is desirable for all upholstery and wallcovering uses, but it does require some care through its life, so it is not practical in all situations)
  • Semi-Aniline Leather (i.e. is similar to Aniline leather. In order to provide a slightly more durable finish, a topcoat with some colour pigment is added which offers an additional layer of stain resistance and improved uniformity of colour across the hide. The hide that goes through this treatment becomes stiffer and cooler to the touch with its natural markings are less visible.
  • Pigmented Leather (i.e. a topcoat of colour pigment is sprayed on, possibly with other topcoats for protection or effect. The top surface may be scoured back and embossed with a grain or pattern. This is known as Corrected Grain leather. These processes make very durable and consistent looking leather, whilst maintaining the hide’s suppleness.

Colour Variations

As a natural product, individual leather hides absord colour dyes in different ways from hide to hide, so there may be slight variations in colour across hides. This is most likely to be noticed in Aniline leather and is considered to add to the character and natural feel of a piece. However if the style required is for more consistent colour, then Semi-Aniline or Pigmented leather would be more suitable.

Hide Sizes and Cutting Areas

Hide sizes can vary considerably and depend on the age, species and sex of the cow. Most European cow hides range between 40 to 60 square feet and are of an irregular shape, so need to be considered when covering large items as extra stitch/sewlines may be required to join up multiple hides.


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