Verel de Belval is the creator of outstanding upholstery, drapery, cushion and headboard furnishing fabrics. Verel de Belval has tirelessly maintained the prestigious tradition of the Lyon silk trade for the over hundred years. Since 1912, the Verel de Belval collections have been reinventing the most beautiful damasks, structurally complex lampas (notably amongst these, the Fontainebleau lampas with the metallic thread, the Joyaux Anis with the gentlest green silk background or the equally rich and elegant Madame de Pompadour silk lampas in powdery creams to vivid coppers) and sumptuous taffetas to bring a unique touch of French elegance to curtains, upholstery and wallcovering fabrics.

Grandiflora, is the latest addition to the collections and is based on a 19th-century document in the Hermès textile division archives originally conceived by the silk manufacturers, Mathevon et Bouvard in Lyon. Its stylised floral pattern has been slightly streamlined, while retaining a quite exceptional attention to detail. Woven in the house’s French workshops with a cotton warp and viscose wefts, it embraces the traditional know-how of silk manufacturing with the finesse of its threads and diversity of effects of its weave. The result is a subtle interplay of light and shadow, a pattern whose leaves seem almost to flutter into life.

Verel de Belval creations draw their inspiration from exceptional archives, covering four centuries of the history of fabrics. Using this fabulous collection of soft furnishings, trend books and valuable patterns and drawings, the company designs innovative collections based on subtle sets of materials and outstanding woven fabrics.