VERASETA is a fourth-generation weaver and designer of the highest quality silk soft furnishing textiles: taffeta, satins and silk weaves for curtains, headboards, wallcoverings (wall upholstery), Louis chairs, scatter cushions, four-poster bed canopies, to name but a few.

In addition to the exceptional fabrics for interior design and decoration (curtains, wall hangings, upholstery), Veraseta also delivers textiles to high fashion (e.g. haute couture, wedding dresses).

The Veraseta fabrics are still woven in the Lyon region (Charlieu, Loire) that is traditionally associated with silk weaving. Louis XI established silk manufacturing in Lyon in 1466. The King of France, Francois I (1494-1547) granted Lyon the monopoly of manufacturing silk for the country thus making Lyon the silk capital in France where all imported silk from other countries had to fist pass through Lyon. By 1620 there were more than 10,000 silk looms in Lyon and the technology of weaving silk had flourished.

Veraseta [i.e. a compound word from the Latin words vera (true) and seta (silk)] silks are woven on traditional shuttle looms.