Ulf Moritz designs fabrics that accent interiors in an elegant, attractive and modern way.  Ulf Moritz’ maxim is “Give imagination room and thus room imagination”. The result is textiles full of layers of ideas. They are in perfect tune with the SAHCO philosophy of subtle, understated luxury.

Coincidence played a hand in the matter. When Ulf Moritz registered at the Textile Engineering School in Krefeld in 1957, he wanted to study fashion design but accidentally ended up learning under Professor Muche, the former manager of the weaving mill at Dessau Bauhaus. Ulf Moritz was fascinated from the first moment on and learned Bauhaus’ highest maxim: “Unity of art and technology”: a demand which Walter A. G. Gropius, the German Architect and founder of the Bauhaus School.

Gropius was formative for Ulf Moritz, who after completing his studies with Muche, went on to a Swiss fabric manufacturer and a Dutch weaving mill. Ulf Moritz chose Amsterdam as his adopted home where he opened his own design studio in 1970. Ulf Moritz designs carpets, furniture, avant-garde wallcoverings and china.

The cooperation with SAHCO was pioneered in 1985. The extravagant collections ensure surprises every year as they are different in their texture and mixture. Light, mirage-like, lively – and always serving the space. These works are in the great design museums of the world and regularly to be admired in important exhibitions.

Numerous awards and international prizes add to this. Ulf Moritz was one of the few designers working in the Netherlands to be awarded with the “Honorary Royal Designer for Industry” in 2004. As Professor for Textile Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven the virtuoso ensures that future generations also learn to interpret fabrics in a new way.


Website: www.sahco.com