Texdecor produces high tech, decorative and acoustic wallcoverings. Texdecor has been designing and selling wallcoverings for finished buildings for 30 years. The Texdecor range includes wallcoverings that combine acoustic comfort, decorative style and ease of installation.
Their acoustic performances of Alpha W 0.15 to 0.3, enable them to effectively treat resonance problems commonly encountered in different types of public buildings. These wallcoverings comply both the acoustic regulations in force in new buildings and the voluntary measures to improve the comfort and functionality of renovated buildings. The design meets the requirements of buildings with high footfall: durable and easy to maintain. They are especially adapted to common areas and functional buildings. The Textile – Alpha W 0.3 and Vinyl-coated flock Alpha W 0.25 ranges create a noble finish with a warm, elegant atmosphere. The fabrics selected are hard-wearing and easy to look after. They reduce acoustic reverberations and improve interior design in one go, making it a lasting investment. The Oulanka vinyl on non-woven backing range of wallcoverings is inspired by the wild Scandinavian forests with the warm, noble materials of wooden surfaces.


Website:  www.texdecor.fr