Texam today is a leading brand on the high end wallcovering market. The materiality is a fundamental aspect of our creations that remain impressed through the touch of the fingers capturing immediately the eyes. The product offer is focused on exclusive, innovative and original new collections. Their luxurious and unequalled decorative spirit is due to the combination of high technology and sophisticated materials as quartz, velvet, glass, textile, and metal.

Notable amongst Texam’s collections are Metalsilk which presents an authentic and rather unique in its genre series of wallcoverings that are reminiscent of the brightness of the metal, the roughness of the raw stone and the kaleidoscope’s geometry, highlightning spaces and creating new surfaces. A very intense technique creates 3D designs on textile base over non woven. The interesting tone variation of the metallic colours light up and give a distinctive sign to the ambient: patterns include a line strie, a damask, a gothic geometric, a tile and a soundwave.

Texam’s Parkour collection is inspired by A metallic colored way of looking at 8 modern designs created for an urban context representing a new concept of art.

The materials of Parkour Colour have been selected to obtain a perfect composition result in a decorative effect based on reflection and luminosity. The vast range of metallic colors in Parkour Colour offers a great potential and a variety of decoration suitable for most interior design projects. The strong and resistant textile base prevents cracks in the wall, being also suitable for places of big concentration of people. The designs are created with the well known beads application quality of our Italian factory.

Website: texamhome.com