The Tassinari & Chatel Silk textile company was founded in 1680 and has succeeded in maintaining its traditional savoir-faire in tandem with the perfect operation of one of the last ateliers of the highly specialised silk weavers of Lyon, enabling the company to reproduce perfectly from original documents.

Thanks to its Collection Patrimoine, Tassinari & Chatel offers over 700 references in stock of all French styles.

Notably unique collections within the Tassinary & Chatel collections include:

Tulipes, which presents a delicate parterre of stylised tulips adorning the surface of this velvet, while the restrained and well-balanced arrangement is in the Art Deco spirit. The smooth frosted appearance of the pile is enhanced in colors subtly oxidised by threads of lurex at the base of the velvet. The 6 dense and luminous colorways will enhance both classic and contemporary furniture;

Jardin d’Hiver, a magnificent lampas first produced in 1866 and based on a Japanese drawing by Grand Frères, owners of the weaving factory since the beginning of the century. The design shows the tree of life, luxuriant with flowers, fruits and multicolored birds, flourishing on two branches with an 87cm high repeat necessary for cutting. The freshness and delicacy of the design is typical of Japanese prints and ceramics brought to Europe in the mid to late 19th century;

Verdi, a superb lampas in 100% silk inspired by Italian decorative style symbolising Italian finesse. The ornamental richness of the design with garlands of acanthus and oak leaves, pearls and ornamental ironwork is expressed in 4 sophisticated colorways.

Moreover Tassinari & Chatel invited the jeweller-silversmith and designer, Jean BOGGIO, to work with its looms instead of recreating a design from its own archives. This collaboration with Jean BOGGIO brought Tassinari & Chatel’s traditional qualities of Damask, Lampas and Brocatelle from the Near East to the heart of the West recalling the story of the Silk Route along the way. A real challenge for this designer who offers a captivating new insight into the silk trade of Lyon glorifying in the traditions which he transports to an imaginary universe. A signed collection and a dream came true with Ispahan the gates to the orchard full of the scent of roses and the taste of the forbidden fruit, pomegranites giver of eternal life, to listen to persian tales woven as a lampas bringing to mind dreams of the 1001 nights. The peppery perfume of musk roses from the orient, the silks in subtle tones, golds and silvers drown in luxurious harmonies.

The Tassinari & Chatel Jean Boggio Jardin d’Eden presents a damask that leads us on a journey of initiation towards an extraordinary garden perfumed by mandragora and tuberose surrounded by silver and gold acacias, palm trees and giant ferns. An imaginary jungle just like those in childhood dreams takes us to a world that could be inhabited by Mowglie or Peter Pan all engraved on silk like a magical forest. We find ourselves in a canopy made of gold and silver threads. A range of elegant, warm toned colourways woven from timeless dreams of a Paradise found.