Sandberg is a Swedish design company that is passionate about craftsmanship. Sandberg believes in sustainability, people and home being the starting point for well-being (perhaps akin to the notion of hygge). Sandberg designs and manufactures wallpaper and accessories with an unique expression in its own factory in Ulricehamn. The love of craftsmanship is evident at every step of the way and is a crucial component in what we call Swedish wallpaper art. All Sandberg wallpapers are designed in-house by the Sandberg Studio. Inspiration for both design and colour comes often from the Swedish landscape and nature surrounding us. The Sandberg patterns pay homage to Sweden’s historical and cultural heritage. The story behind and the fact that Sandberg sketches every piece by hand guarantees Sandberg’s artistic ambition and makes every design a little story of their own.

Sandberg uses only environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing methods. This results in products that are free from softening agents, fluorocarbons, PVC and other chlorinated plastics. No solvents other than water may be used at, or even brought into, the Sandberg factory in Ulricehamn. The Sandberg colour system is based on water. With a passion and understanding of the home the Sandberg designers interpret trends and create unique design with a true Sandberg expression. The result is contemporary premium wallpapers and lifestyle products in Swedish style that is easy to like.

Notable amongst Sanderg’s collections are Villa Dalarö which evokes a sense of tranquility akin to, say, hanging the season’s first laundry out to dry with the loveliest smell emanating and mingling with the aroma of nature, or the welcoming sound of the seagulls, or the children laugh heartily whilst enjoying their first steps on grass. When it is time to go inside, we can still hear the blackbird singing in the sky and follow the flourishing vines of the wallpapers in to the cool bedroom where we cuddle up in crispy sheets.

The Flora Sanbergica collection is inspired by the motto that “to plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow”. The collection evolves around the need to bring nature indoors in view of the increased urbanization.  Flora Sandbergica builds on the meeting between man and the Plantae as a tribute to this timeless movement. Here, the traditionally careful way of life interplays with the raw and the rough in a sustainable mix of nature-oriented patterns designed for many different environments, whether in the city, countryside cottage but also the penthouse.

Sandberg’s Signatur is a collection or rather a treasure trove of patterns. Sandberg examined four female designers: Dagmar Lodén, Ylva Källström-Eklund, Joy Zandén and Lillo Wikstrand, all professional artists during the golden era of Scandinavian design. Sandberg’s Signatur collection brings their amazing patters into the present. The four women produced drawings and created interiors, made sketches, composed and signed while dreaming about saying something new about their own time and shaping their own professional lives. They successfully worked with children’s books and tapestries, church textiles and the creation of colour schemes for public spaces. Sandberg Signatur is characterised by youthfulness and imagination, from the beauty of a dreamy Swedish summer meadow to the exotic poetry of nature, urban graphic rhythm and playful figures. The patterns are based on rediscovered originals, dustjackets, embroidery and sketches.