Phillip Jeffries sets itself as the industry leader in exquisite handcrafted wallcoverings. Phillip Jeffries manufactures and imports exceptionally unique and fine quality textured wallcoverings. The Phillip Jeffries collections of wallcoverings include Japanese Paper Weaves, Grasscloths, Hemps, Silks, fabrics, Granite, Raffia as well as individual and sought-after handcrafted specialties like wood parquet, malachite, gold leaf, cork, linen, tweed, quartz (mica shavings).

Notable amongst the collections are Peña Palace that is inspired by Iberian tilework, an intricate pattern uses a combination of techniques including hand screen and raised printing on a selection of handcrafted natural and specialty wallcoverings. Phillip Jeffries’ Sevilla Weaves presents a variegated paper yarns woven into a latticework pattern fashioned after authentic handwoven baskets of Spain for a paper weave that is virtually seamless. The Quartz collection uses semi-precious crystal from authentic mica shavings are given a color wash and applied to a colored paper backing for a luminescent effect full of depth and drama. Available in a range of neutral iridescent colours that delicately capture the light and treated with a special resin coating. Studs & Stripes presents a graphic, crisp and sophisticated, design classic with the latest relief pattern. Simple yet effortlessly glamorous, this new stripe collection adds bold movement and energy to the walls. Handcrafted by artisans, raised inks are applied to beautifully textured wallcoverings to replicate square nail heads on an upholstered wall. Long and lean, Phillip Jeffries’ Studs & Stripes can be hung in vertical and horizontal configurations – for a versatile design statement. Available in a unique range of chic color combinations of inks and grounds, take stripes to the next dimension in design. The sumptuous Star Dust Silk is reminiscent of gazing to the stars and marveling at their shimmering. The collection is woven of fine lustrous silk, thus STAR DUST offers a unique sparkle to a luxurious classic. Known for its natural fine texture, the silk collection is expertly laminated on a paper backing and treated with a stain repellent finish. The Artistry Collection is a special selection of beautifully handcrafted metallic leaf wallcoverings. Maintaining a tradition that began centuries ago, these wallcoverings are crafted by artisans using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each square of authentic metallic gold, silver or copper leaf is hand placed by artisans onto a high quality paper backing with a thin Mylar layer, for ease in installation. Finished with a resin coating and left to cure for days to protect against oxidation and other elements, the Phillip Jeffries’ Artistry Collection is truly a work of art in a range of luminescent colourways. Wild Woods is inspired by a mystical forest with a chic interpretation of wood grain. The Phillip Jeffries’ Wild Woods pattern is embossed atop a natural bark paper with hits of metallic to exude the look of shimmering bark. Treated with a stain repellent finish, this innovative collection is available in a range of luxurious colorations that will make you go wild.

Phillip Jeffries also produces a series of vinyl wallcoverings that are suitable for areas of high traffic like children’s rooms, hotels. Notable amongst the Vinyl collections is the Vinyl Solstice Silk which has the look of natural silk with its beautiful slubbing in colors inspired by the Moroccan spice market. Vinyl Iberian Linen is a collection of handwoven fabrics that line the market bazaar serve as inspiration for the vertical linen texture of the wallcoverings. Vinyl Origami is inspired by the look of sculptural wall tiles that gives this collection an architectural feel full of depth and dimension.