Neumann Leathers is one of the oldest leather suppliers in the UK offering the widest choice of finished leather hides and skins. Neumann’s was originally established in 1897 by Philip Neumann, the grandfather of the current owners. The Neumann Leather hides can be used for upholstery and automotive both domestic and corporate. Neumann Leathers carry stock in their UK warehouses of cow hides, sheepskins, kid and pigskin, suedes and splits. Moreover Neumann Leathers can now offer a bespoke design and production service for any upholstery and wallcovering purposes.

Amongst the upholstery leather collection, Neumann Leathers include:

  • Healey encompassing more than 30 colours from pastels to earth shades with a distinct grain pattern. The finish is attractive, hardwearing and suitable for most applications.
  • Bentley a range of high quality semi-analine leathers that are supple and natural looking, some with 2-tone and pull-up effects. Colours are mostly earth tones with a deep and rich texture.
  • Vantage made from carefully selected hides, with a smooth, silky finish that is soft to the touch and designed to grace only the finest furniture.

Neumann Leather’s Automotive leathers are especially hardwearing leathers with colours and prints specifically designed for car interiors. Automotive leathers can also be made bespoke to suit almost any vehicle, whether to match the original automobile leather or a new leather to complement an antique, classic vehicle. Neumann Leathers now offer the complete range of original Connolly hides.

Connolly Leather has a very long history and proud heritage in the British automotive sector. Connolly’s heritage and highest quality products ensured that Connolly was the exclusive supplier to Rolls Royce vehicles. Since then Connolly automotive leathers grace many exclusive car interiors including Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Morgan, Ferrari and Maserati.

Connolly Leathers have been utilised at the House of Lords and House of Commons, as well as the interiors of many famous liners.




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