Naturally Beautiful Fabrics: Mark Alexander offers exclusive and original textiles and wallcoverings. Their design orientation is broadly eclectic in style and natural in quality.

They have developed a unique palette; each design has been coloured independently to suit the nature of the weave pattern or print, but there is a fluidity that runs through the colours integrating the collections. The palettes are based on subtle, natural shades, mellow hues and earthy tones which compliment the natural quality of the yarns, with occasional statement colours such as Indigo, Soft Aqua and Cinnabar Red.

Notable amongst the Mark Alexander collections are Accent which presents a collection of six essential trimmings and two minimal, timeless tie-backs, understated in design they are masterfully crafted in Belgium from pure European linen. Each with their own appeal Mark Alexander’s trimmings are created to add subtle intrigue to curtains, upholstery and accessories with cords and braids that have a gentle movement of colour and intricate weave structure. Presented in a colour palette of gentle neutrals and deeper tonal colours this collection perfectly co-ordinates with fabrics from the Mark Alexander brand.

The Mark Alexander Origin collection is inspired by tribal art that in fact influenced the Modernist artists of the early 20th century, African textiles and ceramics inspired designers of the Art Deco era; ORIGIN alludes to each, yet is entirely original, and essentially Mark Alexander. Geometric and linear motifs give the designs a distilled clarity of form that is entirely modern, yet the careful fusion of hand-painted artwork with subtle use of technique and material also ensures that ORIGIN is a collection whose designs always appear crafted, not merely made. This richly diverse collection of prints, embroideries and woven jacquards, imbued with an underlying Mark Alexander aesthetic, offers distinctive designs that can be mixed at will, in any combination, for a well-curated scheme.

A particularly calm set of sheers is offered by the Mark Alexander Edo collection that resulted from working with European master linen weavers giving rise to eight sheers, semi-sheers and lightweight linens that explore a minimal approach to pattern akin to the clean lined aesthetic found in Japanese design. With an organic linearity, these drapery qualities are woven from the lightest possible linen yarns and combined in innovative ways to create pattern and form. Colour has also been approached with a very gentle hand; light washes of neutral shades build up this simple, modern palette.

The Mark Alexander Tailored collection offers a group of finest pure wool fabrics that have been woven and exquisitely finished in the UK. Wool is natural, renewable and ecologically biodegradable at the end of its useful life, well known for its breathable, odour resistant and insulating properties. Mark Alexander has handled the material with care and attention adding only subtle design and restrained colours. A distinctive wool crepe yarn has been used to create Carraway and Hepburn, two dual-purpose fabrics that manage to combine durability with a lustrous drape. Altair is a small herringbone woven with finest lambswool to give a lightweight fabric with a soft and supple handle, and Cornell offers a beautiful wool sheer that cleverly features a very subtle houndstooth.

Jazz is one of Mark Alexander’s signature fabric collections for interior decorationss. Woven in the UK from seductive silk and couture quality lamb’s wool, Jazz II features four of the finest drapery qualities available. Displaying a tempered sheen and liquid metal drape Dunand, Barbier and Salon conjure images of Jazz age glamour with their early 20th century deco inspired motifs, whilst Jazz is re-introduced in an expansive palette of sumptuous colours.

Mark Alexander’s interiors with real character are often those which have evolved over time. The Montage collection has been created to achieve that uniquely relaxed, lived-in feel, combining a series of strong and original weaves and prints, in different yarns, weights and styles. The scene is set by two large leafy prints, with the feel of vintage fabrics, in subtle variations of natural colours – rust, tobacco, silver birch, gunmetal and soft, indigo-inspired blues and greys. Underpinning these are intricately woven small-repeat linens, a sleek ikat cotton, a chevron and a comforting woollen check, which layered with robust textured linens and rich velvet, create a fascinating room. Utterly modern, yet feeling mature and reassuringly comfortable.

The Outline collection of fine quality epinglés has been developed in collaboration with a mill in the Flemish countryside, whose rare needle-fine wire looms weave epinglé velvets that are unmatched in the world. A craft process which takes time, commitment and a wealth of knowledge gained through generations of accumulated expertise. This collection alludes to Modernist simplicity of geometrics with an architectural flavour and stripes with a strié warp, cut to a dense pile, with a contrasting counterpoint of tight loops, to make a restrained but very special covering for a modern sofa or chair. This cut velvet, a historic quality reminiscent of royal palaces and elegant mansions, given a Modernist new century feel.

The Handcrafted Modern II Mark Alexander collection utilises sophisticated and innovative techniques, including a randomly-sprayed weft yarn and a flammé yarn which varies in thickness along its length, that give the nubbly freeform appearance of the weaver’s hand-loom to this collection, with its interplay between linen and wool, in soft natural shades. These techniques result in weaves with a random, haphazard appearance of ancient fabrics, yet they have all the advantages of a modern production. It is this very rustic artisanal feel which lends character and punch to a sleek modern sofa and looks comfortable on a craftsman-made chair of any era.

Mark Alexander’s Epoque collection presents the deep, sensuous and dense pile cotton velvet, with its soft and natural sheen, that brings a certain glamour to complement the weaves and prints in the Mark Alexander family. Epoque is woven by the finest Italian weaver of velvets with over a century of expertise and tradition. Naturalistic shades, from the off-white of a birch bark to the darkest indigo or a vibrant tobacco, combine and perfectly point up the other fabrics within the palette of the brand.

Moderna adds to the clean lines and rich textures, the essence of the Mark Alexander brand. With a distinct linear motifs combined with a richness of texture and colour, Moderna alludes to the multi-cultural, mid-century Modernism of Brasil. Using fibre dyed linen in complex and entirely bespoke yarn variations, Moderna offers individual decorative weaves alongside colourful warp prints in deep teals, indigos and rich reds, inspired by natural pigments, add depth and vibrancy to a palette of core neutrals.

Shibui presents a collection made entirely from linen in its various forms, weights and textures, that balances simplicity with complexity to form a serene, quietly luxurious collection. With a subtle reference to antique Japanese textiles where stripes, checks and soft geometrics appear frequently, Shibui features wide-width sheers, mid-weight linens, print, embroidery and a hint of upholstery cloths. This breadth of qualities is balanced by a clean and focussed colour palette of gentle whites, greys and deep indigo blues.

Empire showcases a luxurious velvet with a subtle horizontal slub. The uniqueness of the Empire character is a matt yarn with a refined lustre, developed exclusively for Mark Alexander. Presented in a rich palette that ranges from sophisticated neutrals and earthy shades through to warm spice and opulent jewel tones, this desirable velvet features a stain repellent finish, that combines practicality for upholstery with luxury.