The Manuel Canovas design studio on the fabled rue Saint-Honoré in Paris provides the mise-en-scène for Ariane Dalle, Design Director of the admired brand, who has confidently created a New York loft style space as the locus of inspiration for herself and her team. Manuel Canovas is unmistakably French in style with each new collection inspired by the spirit of the art de vivre associated with 18th century France yet re-interpreted to contemporary taste. Luxurious fabrics are instantly recognisable by bold and unusual colour harmonies, in company with vibrant shades of rose Indian, anis, amethyst and turquoise. Innovative, stylish design and superior textiles make Canovas ranges perfect for residential and contract use, and silks, damasks, toiles de jouy, prints, embroideries and numerous weaves feature prominently in this exceptional range. “Canovas is the art of living à la Francaise” says Ariane Dalle, “with a very special colour palette and a real touch of originality.

Notable amongst the collections by Manuel Canovas are Proust with a truly majestic traditional silk damask with very refined details in classic shades. Renoir presents a large scale herringbone motif, almost like animal skin on a beautiful cotton/satin ground in exquisite rich tones. Morny depicts a tropical garden print on a cotton satin ground. Morisot is a modern cotton stripe that is inspired by a traditional Indonesian ikat design in striking colours. Vadim was inspired by a Jean Lurcat tapestry that resulted in an eye catching jacquard makes the perfect decorative piece with a beautifully soft handle. Derain presents contemporary graphic design of interlaced ribbons, running on an elegant satin ground in stunning tones.

The latest collections by Manuel Canovas present Castillon a rich embroidery inspired by a suzani from Afghanistan. This all-over design of large medallions surrounded by stylized flowers and leaves is embroidered on a linen ground in bold colours. Anna is a large-scale woven Ikat design on an ivory cotton satin base cloth that is inspired by an Afghanistan coat. Mysore is adapted from an 18th century block print from the Manuel Canovas archives and presents a large-scale striking tree-of-life design of leaves and flowers in multi-coloured and monochrome tones. Mysore is printed on a linen base cloth. These large motifs complement the small patterns like the Carros a small-scale classic geometric diamond pattern in vibrant colours with a white ground, or the Art Deco Opio design and Bonson with a medium-leaf design inspired by an antique document from the Manuel Canovas archive with a soft chenille weft effect on satin.