After remaining for some time at the Palazzo Labia, the Luigi Bevilacqua Fabric House  moved into the current building in the Santa Croce district of Venice, where the old looms have finally found a home. The Venetian premises now host part of the production facilities with 25 hand-operated antique and still working looms as well as the warehouse and showroom. The company which is completely owned by the Bevilacqua family enjoys access and inspiration from a vast archive of original patterns, experience and knowledge to offer curtain, wallcovering and upholstery fabrics with an unsurpassed exclusivity. The Luigi Bevilacqua fabrics are still handwoven on the original looms of the 18th-19th century. The whole process is manual which results in true works of art in refined, truly luxurious, exceptional fabrics for interior decoration: upholstery, curtains, wallcoverings.