In this, his third collection, Lorenzo Castillo has emphasised new techniques which allow for the combination of texture and pattern. Lorenzo Castillo reuses patterns and shapes from different periods and mixes them which makes his style personal and unusual.

Lorenzo Castillo’s aesthetic can be seen in prestigious hotels  and shops around the world (Madrid, Florence, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai) as well as private residences.

In his inimitable manner, Lorenzo Castillo’s upholstery and curtain fabric designs follow the premise that “they are fabrics that I could not find when decorating houses. I wanted a special rose for a sofa, a yellow that would throw you back and stamped with a point of madness that combined well.”

In Volume 1 Lorenzo Castillo produced textiles for Gastón Y Daniela. From his studio-showroom he has developed, together with the creative team of Gastón y Daniela, a collection of disparate but harmonious designs that combined, resulting in an elegant and exquisite decorative proposal. Lorenzo Castillo’s palette has been filled with roses, greens, blues and mustards; Smooth velvets and with Greek meanders, fabrics with geometric prints, inspired by the pop art, flowers, Indian, Turkish inspired: all very different, yet working harmoniously well.

In Volume 2 Lorenzo Castillo’s collection offers the characteristic icons of Lorenzo’s interiors such as chinoiseries, whether in the form of embroidery or printing, as well as pop-art motifs, not to mention the classic smooth and false smooth high quality and unbeatable palette, both of which are extremely important in the final result of the decorations. We can identify the colour palettes of the great pictorial schools throughout history as Toledo, Venice or Seville from which inevitably Lorenzo’s aesthetic is nourished.

In this third collection of fabrics Lorenzo Castillo paid particular importance to the designs and the colour as well as to the use of new techniques, more modern, that allow surprising effects by the combination of textures or printing of images. Moreover the collection also includes designs drawn by hand by Lorenzo Castillo.