Lorca is renowned for its elegant and luxurious aesthetic, and ravishing colour palette. Lorca offers a rich variety of fabrics; embroidered silks, grand-scale prints and jacquards, opulent velvets and a wide choice of glamorous upholstery weaves. Many designs of Lorca draw inspiration from nature and the voluminous heritage of textiles to be found in Asia and the Far East. The name Lorca has become synonymous with beautiful embroideries, featuring exotic florals depicted in exquisite detail and distinguished by a unique flair for colour in harmonious combinations.

Notable amongst the collections are the Aradonis Yolanta with a monochrome tree of life woven with a contrasting coloured ground, inspired by mosaics in a Byzantine palace. The Aradonis Palatine presents a large-scale dotted monochrome lattice on a linen ground. Taken from the detail of rope work seen on the quayside in Syracuse. The Palatine Hill in ancient Rome was the home of all the Emperors from Augustus onwards. The embroidery on this fabric is hand-stitched which may result in irregularity in the pattern matching, which gives this artisan quality a unique nature. Amerindia Navaho is a rich ikat embroidery stripe of viscose with linen. Anopura Sumatra the island in Indonesia lends its name to a grand composition of tropical plants which resembles an antique engraving. It is depicted in light outline embroidery on pure linen. Chandor Pichola presents an embroidered paisley motif presented both in vivid colours and in quiet monochrome is named after Lake Pichola in Rajasthan, the location of many beautiful Indian palaces.


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