Different styles of fabrics designed to stimulate the human emotions, our hypnotising colours and textures cannot pass unnoticed, provoking the most moving of reactions. A sensuality which is almost imperceptible surrounds the Lizzo collections. The interiors created meticulously by decorators all over the world evoke different sensations of mystery, creativity and spirituality. In essence LIZZO is its history in which a textile culture blends seamlessly together with LIZZO’s aim is to make a piece of fabric stimulate the emotions of any onlooker who is sensitive to design and style.

Lizzo’s Via Magna collection invites us to walk along the cobblestone routs of ancient Rome, which with their stone paving, mosaics and tiles, have inspired vivid geometric and ornamental designs, immersing us in the history of art and architecture of the great Roman Empire. Via Magna is a contemporary and versatile collection that delivers the aesthetic essence of ancient Rome for the modern interior.

Lizzo’s Goya collection pays tribute to Spanish art and folklore. Uniquely, the collection represents the Spanish culture and the chiaroscuro pictorial art through iconic prints ornamental designs and beautiful damasks. Inspired by the classical and the theatrical, this collection is both stylish and sophisticated in character.

Lizzo’s Cabo Verde is an idyllic natural enclave considered to be a bridge between cultures, having been a Portuguese colony and the site of Ribeira Grande, the most ancient European settlement in the tropics. This African archipelago inspired Lizzo to create a collection of sophisticated silks with subtle sheen that coexist alongside light curtain fabrics and rustic natural textures.

Lizzo’s Stonewash II presents an authentic stonewashed linen collection with a magic touch, offering diluted colours and the soft touch of a rich fabric. With its rustic vintage appearance, this indulgent range of linen has been designed to enhance simplicity, creating relaxing interior spaces that balance freshness and harmony.