Originally from Kinna in southern Sweden, Kinnasand produces subtle yet clear Nordic designs for contemporary homes. In doing so, the company draws on over 200 years’ experience of producing unique, high-quality textiles and carpets. The visionary products are characterised by individuality and attention-to-detail. Made from the very best materials, they are crafted by the World’s finest weavers using state-of-the-art technologies. Designed by the Creative Director Isa Glink, Kinnasand collections have received a number of prestigious national and international design awards. These include the German Design Award, the Interior Innovation Award, the ICFF Editors Award, the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the reddot design award.

Notable amongst the Kinnasand collection of sheer, transparent, curtain and drapery fabrics are:

Aimo Japanese stripes that presents a curtain textile with a Japanese appearance, alternating between density and transparency. The rhythmic pattern features coloured block stripes and fine pin-stripes. Aimo can be used horizontally or vertically.

Kinnasand’s Akino are inspired by impressions on shadows: the slightly glimmering shadow effect of these stripes is due to a double weft-technique using an effect yarn.

Kinnasand’s Azuro is a collection of an elaborate linen textile with a special expression, that is reminiscent of sun-bleached and frequently washed linen. A coordinate to Pireo, Azuro features oversized, hand-dyed stripes with a subtle colour gradient.

Caro presentes an architectural grid style pattern, often observed in architecture, with a weaving feature that can only be carried out using the clipcord technique. A white thread creates clear contours in the 4-colour changes between its dense and sheer areas.

Kinnasand’s Clipper presents a futuristic circle design of double fabric, obtaining a voluminous tactility through shrink yarn.

Kinnasand’s Cruiser reminds us of a cool breeze. Cruiser picks up on the construction of the sails with their traditional seams. To strengthen these horizontal, orthogonal and vertical seams, traditional corded ribbon is applied. Cruiser combines materials of different transparencies.

Frazer presents a contrary coloured statement that allows light to be reflected and as such several small details enable the strong graphic of these stripes to appear. The colours range from bright contrasts to neutral shades.