Kandola’s Philosophy is impeccably charming, driven by originality and quality. Kandola is a family run business over three generations, producing luxurious interior furnishings, brassware and exclusive textile wallcoverings. Most products are adorned with Swarovski® crystals as Kandola is an official branding partner. Founded in 1964, Kandola’s journey began in the fashion textiles industry, creating bespoke fabrics with exquisite embroidery patterns, all designed and produced in the UK. The reputation Kandola built over the years resulted in Film Studios asking Kandola fabrics in films such as Gladiator, Tomb Raider, Cleopatra to name a few. Present day, Kandola is identified for creating opulent and elaborate interiors. The brand has formed a distinctive path of creating timeless luxury by bridging the gap between Classical Design and today’s Metropolitan Lifestyle, catering for the most exclusive specified projects worldwide. Kandola continues to be ambitious in producing authentic bespoke products, tailored to your desire with the finest quality of finishes and materials. As British manufacturers and designers the value of producing prestigious products within the UK and supporting the country’s rich craftsmen heritage is an asset to the brand.