Johnstons of Elgin manufactures the finest cashmere cloth, knitwear and accessories from its mills in Hawick and Elgin. Upholstery and curtain cloth made by Johnstons of Elgin are produced in Scotland to a standard of quality synonymous with a company that has been manufacturing since 1797. Johnstons of Elgin works with farmers in Inner Mongolia to source cashmere and the sustainability of the herds is a key element in the policy of maintaining good pastures to encourage the growth of the finest fibres.

Johnstons selects the finest luxury fabrics which are then processed through approximately 30 different manufacturing stages before reaching the finished product. In both the knitting plant in Hawick and the weaving plant in Elgin skilled craftsmen and women ensure that skills preserved through generations of families are represented in the contemporary products made today.

The same careful attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality that is paid on the clothing range is applied to the interior home decorative upholstery and curtain fabrics. Plain upholstery and curtain fabrics are woven in extra fine merino with a touch of cashmere to add exceptional softness without compromising on durability. Jacquard designs range from over-scaled paisley squares through to smaller, subtle motifs and fragmented effects creating depth and intrigue while still retaining the simplicity of semi-plain fabric.