Jim Dickens presents a series of collections with sumptuous chenilles, beautiful damasks and fabulous weaves, all suitable for curtains and upholstery. Based in Lichfield, Jim Dickens continues to flourish, sustaining a love affair with the textile industry that began almost a century ago. Jim Dickens takes its name from one James G. Dickens, born 1901, the maternal grandfather of our company’s founder, who served to inspire in his grandson a lifelong fascination in all things textile and design.

James set out as an upholsterer in the Black Country, mastering the techniques and skills of the craft before leaving the Midlands in 1931 for life in London. Here, he pursued a career in the textile industry working as a Fabric & Passementerie agent for the Art Textile Co. of Featherstone St, amongst many others.. Greatly influenced by his skill, artistry, and passion for fabrics, a young Dominic Morgan followed in his grandfather’s footsteps learning the trade of upholstery, before earning the opportunity in 1984 to start working for a number of European textile merchants. From Staffordshire, Dominic would travel the British Isles to supply furniture craftsmen and interior design firms alike with the latest weaves, and velvets from leading mills located in Belgium and Turkey. In 1994, Dominic established Loomcraft, a beautiful shop nestled in the historic city of Lichfield, Staffordshire, which became a treasure trove of fabrics imported from the finest mills across the continent. From here, Dominic set about developing his own fabrics for the English market, drawing from a wealth of designs and compositions from his own personal archive, as well as working in collaboration with a network of highly recognised designers throughout the country. This work would lay the foundation for the establishment of Jim Dickens in 2004, named in homage to the lasting influence of a life lived immersed in textiles. In July 2013, the renowned Welsh print company Elanbach became a sister brand to Jim Dickens. The soft prints of Elanbach work perfectly as an accompaniment to the strong designs and heavy weaves that make up the Jim Dickens collection. Printing from its own building a stones throw away from our current location in Lichfield, we digitally print to order samples and orders from across the globe on a daily basis.

Notable amongst the Jim Dickens collections are Festival which brings a barrage of fresh and vibrant colour to Jim Dickens, exhibiting the skill and quality of Europes finest mills with a throng of incandescent flat weaves, pocketed chenilles and gorgeous jacquard florals. Suffused with elegant motifs and bold patterns, Festival celebrates the limitless potential of textiles to enliven and enrich the home and the revellers within. Come one come all; this is an essential collection of wonderful fabrics bursting with potential for realising stunning interior designs.

The Jim Dickens Artisan has a flare of vivid kilim patterns, sharp chevrons, plush stripes and delicate plaids. The Artisan collection invites daring use of colour in creating striking upholstery and soft furnishings. Boisterous shades of cerise clamour amongst verdurous greens and fragrant turquoise, recalling the audacious palettes and intrepid graphic designs of the mid-twentieth century. An eclectic feast of visual and tactile textures, the Artisan collection inspires a brighter and more adventurous interior style.

The Jim Dickens Firenze presents grand woven upholstery and curtain chenilles recalling the bold designs and textures of the Florentine Arta Della Lana. The Firenze collection brings to life the opulence and intrigue of Medician Florence and the city’s historic textile industry; one the Dukedom’s Arti Maggiori or ‘Greater Trades’ throughout the 15th & 16th centuries. A trove of magnificent motifs and captivating burnished hues, the striking character of Firenze is certain to compliment the most spectacular of interiors.

The Jim Dickens Murillo presents an architectural geometric design, wonderfully rustic to the touch. Murillo draws on the adventures and works of our celebrated romantic poets to bring warm, earthy tones, bold Kilim patterns and sumptuous natural forms to enrich any intimate interior; the perfect choice for snug and deliciously comfortable upholstery.

The Beaumaris collection offers a wealth of superlative medieval designs and arresting colour, drawing inspiration from the beautiful gothic interiors of pre-reformation churches, as well as bold heraldic iconography. Consisting of heavy weaves, tactile wools, and intriguing prints, Beaumaris provides a more contemporary take on the heraldic heritage of the British Isles.

The Tribeca collection of damask and striped fabrics is woven in Belgium. The Tribeca collection presents sumptuously tactile textured velvets in two sophisticated colours, perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors alike.