The JAB ANSTOETZ Group is a medium-sized family business that has stood for stylish living and been associated with precious fabrics since 1946. The range of the renowned textile editor Jab is comprehensive h further selected product fields JAB ANSTOETZ has continuously enlarged its competence in the field of sophisticated interior design and is today a worldwide group of companies that repeatedly sets new trends with exclusive products: Carlucci, Chivasso, Soleil Bleu.

Notable amongst its collections is the sunny Larache: The Arabian Nights is inspired and inspires the exotic mix of different craftsmanships provides an exceptional look. The ground fabric of the appealing decoration fabric is a fine cotton satin that makes a vivid impression due to the use of two-coloured yarns. A print featuring broad stripes that create an interesting ombré effect applies even more colour. The fabric owes its precious elegance to the rich embroidery worked with a glossy viscose yarn. The frayed design that spreads casually across the ground resembles classic ikat patterns, interpreted in an abstract fashion. The room-high decoration fabric gives an especially calm and harmonious impression in soft neutrals and various brown shades. For lovers of colourful interiors two vigorous palettes in vermillion and in a sunny yellow are available.

The Jab Liserés & Classics collections present fabrics that highlight the high art of weaving. With this collection the precious upholstery fabrics of Louis XVI receive a gentle yet refreshing update with a sense of fine details. The exclusive textiles unite contemporary materials and historical motifs. For lovers of exquisite designs this collection is a true treasure trove. The focus of the beautiful upholstery collection is on classic liserés, the finely worked patternings of which are formed by a whole palette of warp threads in different colours. The heavy yet smart qualities are complemented by sophisticated jacquards woven with a love of detail. The impressive spectrum not only provides multifaceted motifs, but also most different material compositions, ranging from pure natural fabrics to flattering blends to easy-care polyester articles. In terms of colours the beautiful articles deliberately dispense with loud statements and instead prefer restrained pastel nuances, accompanied by selected accent colours.

The Jab Donovan presents a new dimension of soft upholstery fabrics that can also be hard-wearing. Produced from a durable synthetic yarn, this slightly mottled plain is also suitable for heavy use. The combination-friendly article owes its especially soft feel to the fact that it has been raised after weaving.

The Jab Merida collection is inspired by design motifs from all over the world. The expressive geometric jacquards of the collection are accompanied by appealing semi-plains and the supple qualities with a leather look. The deliberately restrained palette is arranged according to eight harmonious colour families, ranging from unobtrusive neutrals to calm blue tones to vigorous red and turquoise nuances.