Houlès has a long established reputation for trimmings (gimps, pipings, braids, tiebacks, tassels, rosettes), decorative fabrics and curtain poles as well as accessories. Houlès products adorn palaces and castles like le Château de Versailles, or Presidential Residences in France and abroad. Houlès also participates in many restoration works of prestigious historical monuments like the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Over the years, thanks to its high-quality designs and service, Houlès has gained worldwide appeal. Thanks to its subsidiaries in Great Britain, in the United States of America, in Italy, in Germany, and thanks to its broad network of commercial agents and distributors, Houlès is nowadays established in more than 160 countries, with 5 showrooms : Paris 2nd and 12th, Dubaï, New York, London.

Notable amongst its varied collections and selectively, from the contemporary curtain poles of ACÉA with refined curtain poles and brackets in brushed and black nickel finishes and chrome accents; varied diameters (19mm and 28mm), with hammered or shiny finishes. AURO is a bestseller collection offering many finial designs (including 3 pieces in plexiglass), as well as a wide range of diameters and brackets. Create contemporary or classic style depending on the chosen style or finish. The curtain poles are available in 2 lengths (180cm and 240cm) in steel (6 finishes) and also in brass (2 finishes).

The trimmings (passementeries) collections are just as varied: from the luxurious Antica, Duchesse, Les Marquises, Marly, Palais Royal, Vendôme, Villandry piping cord, fringe, braid, gimped and tassel tiebacks to the understated Ebony, Lily, Masai, Onyx.