Gainsborough was established in 1903 by an enterprising weaver, Reginald Warner, in Sudbury, the town we still call home. The business moved to its present location in 1924.

Warner had been on several Grand Tours and amassed an extraordinary collection of inspirational fabrics, around which he and successive generations of weavers and designers have built up the famous Gainsborough Archive that easily exceeds 5,000 designs today.

Awarded the Royal Warrant in 1980, the company has produced fabrics for Royal palaces, state buildings and grand residences the world over, and the tradition of creating fabrics of enduring quality carries on today.

But Gainsborough’s reputation was built on innovation and design, and you are as likely to find our products in a luxury vehicle or on a Parisian catwalk as on the walls of a stately home. Our designs span the full breadth of creative expression, from the very traditional to the thoroughly avant-garde.