Pierre Frey acquired Fadini Borghi in 2004.

Fadini Borghi was created as a result of the merger in 1975 by the two Italian editors in the company’s name. Fadini Borghi presents unique upholstery and curtain textiles that weave cohesively the present with a past that often dates from the sixteenth century, to produce exceptional, great Italian classic Damasks, velvets and lampas interior decoration fabrics that add a touch of history in any contemporary lifestyle. In 2017, the illustrious Italian fabric house celebrated its 70th anniversary. In the 70 years since Osvlado Fadini started his company, the house of Fadini Borghi has become the indisputable reference for exceptionally sophisticated Italian interior textiles grandeur.

Several classic Fadini Borghi designs, e.g. Aurelio and Sforza, adorn the luxurious settings of the Metropole Monaco on the French Riviera. In a spacious Belle Epoque style architecture, the interiors designed by the French decorator Jacques Garcia combine magnitude and refinement. The nobility of the Fadini Borghi fabrics chosen for the hotel blends perfectly with its classic, comfortable and precious décor. The brilliance of the velvets with the chiselled motifs are representative of the Italian Renaissance, underline the fresh and luminous Mediterranean atmosphere of this timeless and sumptuous palace.



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