Dominique Kieffer

Dominique Kieffer’s collection integrates the fabulous Rubelli’s know-how built over the past 150 years with Paola Navone’s selective and vibrant sense of style. The varied collections include the Coton de Vie, a piece-dyed 100% plain cotton, with a brushed surface offering the fabric a velvety touch, playing simultaneously with light chiaroscuro effects. Available in 28 colours, Coton de Vie is also suitable for heavy use. Then, there is the plain Comme le Métal fabric inspired by metal sheets: this metallic effect results by adding a subtle transparent nylon weft to the weave of the cotton ground. True innovation in upholstery fabric.

Kieffer’s Tweed Couleurs was inspired by Chanel’s 1950s style, reinterpreted in soft, full-bodied tweed with hues of orange, fuchsia and fluorescent yellow. This innovation derives from working the yarn in multiple colours. Equally unique in this fabric is that the selvedge may be utilised as an edgy trimming. Tweed is available in 18 colours and suitable for heavy use. Kieffer’s Tache Toile fuses the traditional technique of check printing but on raw linen. This achieves the visual and textural effect of a painter’s brushstrokes on canvas. This heavy use fabric is inspired by the four seasons in taupe, greens, blues and violets.




raw linen, tweed