The Dedar Collection comprises over 300 articles with over 3,000 colourways. Free-roaming inspiration, elegance, force of expression, the desire to experiment, a passion for precious qualities and extensive colour ranges constitute the essence of Dedar’s creative spirit. Within Dedar creation is a process of development that demands time to allow for experimentation and errors, so that the resulting product may become a future classic.

The Dedar fabric collections are characterised by a sense of refined elegance with a strong expression in patterns, stripes and embroideries. The original inspiration for the current Dedar collections stems from antique fabrics and carpets, multiple styles and periods, rich materials and vibrant colours, as well as fashion and art, all of which are brought into the 21st century aesthetic in both upholstery fabrics and drapes.

Dedar’s Kotakot collection combines a high-tech weave of leather with cotton that is practical to use, whereas the Clink Collection interprets the panama weaving in upholstery fabrics in leather and metal. In Dedar’s Chérie collection luminous yarns are woven with muted multicoloured cord that reflects surface light, whilst imbuing depth to this textural jacquard. The Splendido collection presents a highly dense yet soft velvet with a thick pile (4 mm instead of the average 2 mm). The silk and viscose yarns ensure the pile has a bright lustre as well as a consistency and elasticity that give it excellent resistance to rubbing.

The latest splendid bouclé choices in the Dedar collections include Artemidor in a blend of pure virgin wool and Alpaca, with a characteristic surface irregularity; Caolino where a textural fabric is crossed by a bouclé yarn. The sweeping and discontinuous movement of the thread highlights the exuberance of the natural raw materials typically used in traditional arts and crafts; Karakorum whereby a bouclé intertwines wool and viscose in an uneven texture of loops and curls, inspired by precious astrakhan furs. Gimel presents a rich textural bouclé fabric interpreted in mélange colours is enlivened by natural fibres in pure linen virgin wool.