The inspirational and colorful collections that Decortex presents are designed with great creativity. The company offers a wide range of fascinating fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and decoration. Within Decortex collections you will find elegant damasks and refined satins as well as modern structured plains and fashion forward curtain qualities. Decortex’ collections include: Metropolitan Mood: with the most subtle of double-width fabrics for wavy curtains in plain, textured herringbone and paisley on linen and a subtle yet full of character geometric jacquard velvet. Indigo is an innovative double-face linen with one side brighter than the other giving a most luxurious gloss effect. Ginger is a crisp cotton and silk damask with a chin√® outline design and beautiful contrast. Another Decortex innovation if Weft from the Evolution collection with a twined cord that combines actual leather with the rhythm of weaving that results in an intricate geometric jacquard design for upholstery.





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