Colefax & Fowler

Colefax & Fowler believes that the finest fabrics and wallpapers represent an investment as much as a pleasure and, like any sound investment, stand the test of time. Colefax and Fowler’s offering an impressive range of decorative looks from the traditional to the more contemporary.

Colefax and Fowler’s beautiful collection bears all the hallmarks of classic design: a broad palette of subtle colour, ranging from expansive florals to neat geometrics, and a rich selection of textures including linens and chenilles, as well as sumptuous silk and delicate embroideries with a hand-crafted feel. Colefax and Fowler’s offering an impressive range of decorative looks from the traditional to the more contemporary, this collection is versatile and harmonious, perfectly encapsulating the restrained elegance long associated with Colefax and Fowler. London Fabric Company showcases various collections produced under the exquisite Colefax and Fowler brand name.

Notable amongst the latest Colefax & Fowler collections are Acantha with a stylised flower heads and gracefully curving leaves work in symmetry on this distinctive embroidery. The layout has a denser feel and combined with the bold colour is reminiscent of 19th century jacquards and their richly decorative character. Colour innovations from across the collection are reflected in Acantha’s colour ways with intense tomato reds, muted blue and navy grounds with orange accents, soft silver greys, lichen and teal green leaves.

Melior captures the contemporary ethnic flavour of this collection. Melior is an Ikat style print that is easily accessible and usable in either a modern or more traditional scheme. A beautiful colour carrier, with both rich and pale alternatives that harmonise superbly with woven and decorative product, Melior will provide impact as both curtains and upholstery.

Amadore Velvet was inspired by a Cashmere shawl with its densely detailed print. Developed by the Colefax design studio the repeat of Amadore is made up of decorative cartouches and this overall layout is perfect for both curtaining and upholstery uses. The velvet version of Amadore continues the emphasis on new colour combinations. The richness of velvet enhances garnet reds and inky bottle greens, whilst rosy reds and turquoise combine in a lighter colour feel.

The Malone Check is a luxurious multi coloured check with an accessible and relaxed character that works easily as a centre or a companion piece in any scheme. Woven in 100% linen with a wonderfully heavy weight and supple feel, this rich fabric works well as both upholstery and drapes. The colour ways are eye catching, providing some exceptional combinations that would compliment decorative and woven product alike.

Eloise is a new floral to the Colefax range with the ebullient delicacy of hydrangea sprays beautifully translated in this botanical print. The soft, innovative colourings further enhance the luminous quality of this romantic design. New shades of pearly grey, pale jade greens, fresh olive greens, lilacs and pale chalky pinks combine to capture a lively and informal character.