Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix’ vibrant upholstery and curtain fabrics as well as wallcoverings derive inspiration from the most romantic venues: The French Riviera, Andalucia, The Tropics. The Andalusian collection has character and design, while retaining the signature Lacroix invention of mixing unexpected colour, pattern and texture. Versatile and highly energetic designs in upholstery fabrics combine with the vibrancy of wallpapers: from fantasmagoric butterflies to self-repeated tiles of trompe l’oiel effects, to photographic recreations of lacework.

Lacroix’ vibrant woven collection of plains coordinates with the remaining collections bringing Parisian flair. The plains collection infuse luxury in their plain velvets or warmth and texture in wool upholstery. The inimitable Lacroix glamour still remains in the pattern-free, fine satins and chenilles with touches of linen in solid colour.