Carlucci di Chivasso: Chivasso BV is an interior fabrics and wallpaper editor based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Chivasso products are modern, and can be used not only in young fun interiors but also in rich classical interiors. Carlucci di Chivasso fabrics are of high quality with two new collections each year, keeping up with the latest trends to ensure our collections are always new and innovative. the latest collections are Red, Illusions, Icon, Mysterious, No limits.

Chivasso interiors reflect the Zeitgeist but are versatile enough to be timeless! The inspiration for the latest Chivasso collection, Whispers, is ethereal, delicate colours to emphasize the beautiful rich historical patterns and designs. This collection has many layers including sumptuous velvets, great solids and exquisite prints. Chivasso’s blueprint collection includes whimsical flowers, geometric shapes and bold blooms. Classic and historical prints served as the blueprint for this relaxed collection. Patterns, designs and prints reminiscent of times gone-by were re-worked and updated.

Chivasso Fabric has a large variety of fabrics for all your drapery and upholstery needs. London Fabric Company buy direct so you can be assured that we are supplying the original quality and registered trademarked.