Camira designs and manufactures contract fabrics for commercial interiors like offices, universities, cinemas, bars, restaurants as well as transport. Camira also produces a wide choice of environmentally-friendly fabrics such as fabrics made from recycled raw materials (e.g. recycled coffee sacks) or renewable sources like wool. Camira also manufactures fabrics from innovative fibres like nettles and hemp. Given the above high wearability standard, the Camira fabrics would be perfect for children’s rooms. All their fabrics meet international technical standards and come with a minimum 5 year guarantee of wearability.


Their Healthcare upholstery products are the result of extensive research and development, creating market lead offerings but with the usual Camira twist. From bright colours and dementia friendly designs to the use of recycled polyester waste in many of the patterns. All their treated products are water proof, stain proof, flame proof and germ proof. Whether you want to scrub it, wash it or just wipe it down quickly, their fabrics and vinyls provide safe, practical and beautiful upholstery solutions


Transport: fabric solutions for buses, coaches and mini-buses; for trains, tramways, metro and underground systems; and for cruise ships and ferries. You can specify the entire suite of textiles for passenger vehicle interiors, including upholstery, piping, headrests, wall side and ceiling finishes, and curtaining.


Education: Camira have a proven track record of supplying fabrics for educational institutions for a wide range of end-use applications: for lecture theatres, students’ unions, halls of residence, offices, staff rooms and classrooms. They have a wide choice of Medium Hazard seating fabrics, as well as Low Hazard options which can be post-treated, in a bevy of designs and colourways. All fabrics come with a full five year guarantee of durability, or 10 years 24 hour use for our 24/7+ and 24/7 Flax ranges. So you can be sure they’ll stand up to the most demanding student environments.





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