Bute is a Scottish contemporary textile manufacturer with a traditional heritage founded on the Isle of Bute by the 5th Marquess of Bute in 1947. Bute currently collaborates with contemporary designers such as Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Matthew Hilton and weaves for companies like Knoll International, Habitat and Designtex. Bute fabrics are manufactured to severe contract standard. Bute’s speciality is stretch fabric, i.e. fabrics that have elasticity on the bias.

Quality is built into their fabrics from the sourcing of yarn, through the dyeing of yarn and fabric to match standards held by Bute’s esteemed Quality Assurance department, to inspection at of woven fabrics at three stages of production and hand finishing of each and every metre over lightboxes. Colour matching to standards is done under several light sources to best replicate the end-use environment. Bute fabrics offer some of the most technically advanced interior decoration woollen materials both for home and corporate usage. Bute maintains archives of every piece of fabric ever woven so that when they compare colours they will refer back to the original master.

Website: http://www.butefabrics.com/



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