Braquenié or the longstanding nobility in interior fabrics, the famous French fabric brand has captured the French classicism in the fabric patterns and luxurious fabric textures add to the beauty. Braquenié’s fabric design concept, ‘Tree of Life’ embellishes your rooms with blooming colours of the organic flora. The rooms shine with class and beauty rendered by the Braquenié made to measure curtain fabric and upholstery fabrics.  Initially founded by Braquenié brothers, the company is now part of the equally revered Pierre Frey fabric house.

Braquenié has reworked the classic designs of Pierre Frey and created an entirely new range of curtains and upholstery fabrics. The new Braquenié collection consists of the immensely luxurious embroidered designer curtains and designer upholstery fabric like linen, cotton and silk etc. Braquenié fabrics have been gracing the famous palaces and mansions even today.

Braquenié fabrics have kept the original curtain designs alive and the colours beautifully complement them. The background of the curtain fabrics are slightly dark to symbolize the passing time. The riveting stripes, checks and embossed curtain designs portray the spirit of the 18th century. The Braquenié “Augustine” presents an elegant collection of striped curtain fabrics made of silk curtain fabric.

The Braquenié “Le Grand Genios” collection is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics. It conveys the age old concept of the “Tree of Life”. With beautiful curtain designs of a large tree with flowers blooming out, it really lights up the room with life.

Braquenié has a wide range of elegant upholstery fabric too. When the made to measure curtains get the company of matching upholstery fabric, you achieve a harmony that keeps the room glowing with beauty. The Braquenié upholstery fabric collection named “Mansart” is a set of velvet upholstery fabric. Inspired by a vest of 18th century, the designs of this striped upholstery fabric unearths an antique chest from the Loiret chateau. It is available in rich shades of bronze green, gold and red. “Napoleon III” is a fabulous colourful linen upholstery fabric collection with exotic flowers.

The latest Braquenié is a veritable tour de force containing 18th archive embroideries in silk, cotton and linen like the La Pannonie; an exquisite lampas decorated with a lace from the Regency period: the Aglae; the Nelumbo that presents an embroidered linen with an 18th century hand-painted Chinese silk panel; Les Fleurs du Bengale and the Ahmedabad present closely intertwined patterns of embroidered floral knolls or the Alizon that is an open moquette velvet of flowering branches and pineapples from circa 1777, to name but a few.





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