Black Edition

Romo’s Black Edition brand offers a wide range of soft furnishing fabrics, upholstery weaves in vibrant colours and and small-pattern designs. Rich metallic hues reflect beneath even richer tones of Emerald, Turquoise, Jasper, Ochre and Quartz. Fabrics that act like paintings on furniture, wallcoverings, scatter cushions and soft furnishings.

Notable collections include the dynamic Astratto that stimulates the senses like a trip around the globe: the Opulence of damasks is complemented by paisleys richly coloured in jewel-like hues and shimmering metallic fabrics are juxtaposed against kilim-inspired damasks.

Black Edition’s Herbaria collection is inspired by redefining fine art and presentsĀ a dramatic collection of decadent velvets that intertwine layers of past and present artistry. Historic inspirations are the foundation of the Herbaria collection, deconstructing and rebuilding elaborate designs through intricate layering and innovative colouring. Baroque damasks combined with Moroccan antiquities are modernised in a palette of invigorating hues, while an atmospheric, diffused floral is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch still life paintings injected with contemporary tones. Seductive soft velvets are a sensorial delight while striking colour combinations give an intensity and individuality to the collection that is undoubtedly Black Edition.



scatter cushions, wallcoverings