Barker & Barker

Barker & Barker collections contain clean stripes and plains as well as quirky and full of character fabrics for upholstery and curtains. Selectively, the following silk and cotton fabrics are particular highlights from the range: Burgundy Raspberry with bright peonies and dazzling vertical stripes on a spotty background; Auvergne Porcelain with large bold sunflowers dance across this striking fabric; Aquitaine Flamingo: a rose design in burnt orange teal and gold; Celia Orange a wavy embossed effect floral motif in vibrant burnt orange and grey teal; Vichy Olive: a silk background in olive with black leaves

Collections also include Ardenne Raspberry with horizontal woven stripes in silk cotton flax and chenille of texture and elegance; Amelia Violet: is a vibrant violet trellis design; Emily Spiral Bluebird is a sophisticated circular repeating pattern; Wine on Red with a feather silhouette against a vermilion red; Provence Fuchsia with a contemporary floral anemones and a touch of sparkle; Roussillon Petrol with tulips and bold stripes combine feminine and masculine themes; Seville Starcross Claret of shimmering stars in a subtle wave in silver and black.