Backhausen looks back on a long standing tradition of over 165 years, dedicated to ‘the art of weaving’. For 7 generations the company was owned by the Backhausen family. Since the beginning they were engaged in the production of high quality textiles and contributed to the Austrian cultural heritage. Many historical buildings in Vienna, other parts of Austria as well as internationally were furnished with their fabrics. The substantial Archive of over 3,500 designs and artefacts’ that is still owned by the company, incorporates the designs of numerous artists through the past decades. It is an authentic document of taste of the past 165 years.

Work is done with modern design programs, on which both existing materials are changed, as well as customised designs are implemented. There are a variety of fabric qualities to choose from: from satins to damasks, brocades to gobelins. In the highest quality. Exceptional color, design and quality requirements are already being implemented with minimal minimum quantities: