The family owned company launched in 1981 has been producing wonderful and diverse wallcoverings that adorn the walls of both residential homes, high class hotels and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide.

Every year, an in-house team of experienced designers creates several new collections. All of these new products must be innovative and trendsetting, while also being of superior quality. A lot of time and effort goes into research: Arte is constantly looking for new production methods and quality materials. That explains why designing a new collection can easily take more than a year.

Noteworthy amongst the latest collections are the Artisan collection that is inspired by high-quality, traditional craftsmanship. The wallcoverings in the collection are made of pure, natural materials: e.g. minerals, grasses, tropical plants. Experienced artisans pleat, weave and dye with boundless passion and patience. They turn these materials by hand into beautiful, unique wallcoverings. Examples in the collection include Fraction that is made of real mica (i.e. group of minerals) flakes. The sheets with the mica flakes are hand-dyed, after which large, irregular shapes are punched through them. These are carefully inlaid into a repetitive pattern. The pattern is a modern interpretation of the colourful, classic terrazzo floors. The idea explored in Fraction is enhanced in the Bandeau of large sheets with mica flakes that are hand-dyed for this pattern. Then rectangles are stamped out of them with the utmost care. These shapes are then glued by hand into the pattern, so that they impart a beautiful yet not too rigid effect.  The Shimmer pattern consists of woven mica, whereby sheets are coloured with glued mica flakes. They are cut into very narrow strips, which are then woven with a conventional loom. The result is a wallcovering with the look of a very fine, gently glistening mosaic.

The Arte Drift range is made from natural sisal fibres which are very finely woven and then hand-pleated. Finally, we use the tipping technique, in which metallic ink is applied to the tips of the pleats. This yields a living, totally unique wallcovering, brimming with character. The Arte Fringe presents an authentic double-weave jute. The jute strips are first dyed and then woven. This fabric is glued onto a shiny metal foil or a matt base, and then it is all cut into strips again. Finally, these strips are woven once again.

In the Arte Twill range the basic material for this wallcovering is a tropical plant, the pandan. The fibres of this plant are interwoven by hand. This braiding is cut diagonally into strips, which are then woven. We drew the inspiration for this wallcovering from the growing trend of braiding in fashion and interior design.

Moreover Arte launched a new wallcovering collection that exudes irresistible luxury: the Takara collection with designs that draw the eye in their sumptuousness: lavish materials and high-end patterns show off the collection in full glory. The opulent materials used including interior hues in gold, marble and velvet, were further enhanced with luxuriant fabrics, such as silky-soft suede, gleaming metallics, raw cotton and sophisticated paper weave. In turn, the designs are inspired by Oriental and Chinese motifs.

Perhaps the most striking design in the collection is Crane with the pattern depicting cranes in flight; these birds are deemed genuine lucky charms in a number of oriental countries. Not only is this design a treat for the eye, but the materials are also very tactile. Indeed, the patterns are embroidered onto a cotton and linen fabric. A blend yielding an opulent finish.

Just as exotic is the Arte Air design with a pattern evoking tropical birds criss-crossing each other in flight. The paper weave upon which the design is printed, lends the entirety a muted look. The Arte Feather pattern presents stylised feathered designs that are playful and light-hearted, yet indisputably stylish. Similarly, the finish on paper weave lends this design an elegant, luxurious touch. The Arte Spirit presents a further geometric pattern whereby the seemingly regular pattern is jam-packed with unexpected elements: nothing is as it seems. The chic look & feel derives from the paper weave finish. The playful element in the range is Harmony that presents a timeless, refreshing and elegant zigzag pattern. The design is printed on paper weave, a material that yields a muted, authentic look & feel. Last in this collection Arte’s range includes a number of plains that can be effortlessly combined with the designs, but that also shine in their own right. Arte’s Noble presents a plain decoration with the look & feel of suede, available in different colour combinations that suit the designs beautifully. Arte’s Cobalt, with its pleated covering and metallic finish, fits perfectly with the connective theme of opulence throughout the collection. The pleated covering of Pyxis also boasts a contemporary look & feel, but this time with a matt finish.