The Armani Casa division of the Giorgio Armani Group does not need much of an introduction. Armani Casa epitomises luxurious interiors for an elegant and contemporary lifestyle. Giorgio Armani’s vision of the home is of an intimate and refined setting imbued in comfort and harmony. The latest upholstery and curtain fabric collections contain rich materials, natural shapes and surfaces woven traditionally but recreated with modern technology. Thus, lurex metallic yarns are woven with natural fibres like linen and silk, achieving delicate contrasts of material with luminosity enhancing dimensionality.

The latest Armani collections include a variety of curtain and sheer fabrics. Armani Casa takes techniques like traditional embroidery and re-interprets them with geometric patterns on silk organza or taffeta. The resulting semi-translucent, 3-D effects achieved by the fil coupè and retractable weft technique show a strong connection to the fashion world. A silk georgette, a multiple-layer sheer with a foliage pattern in relief and a curtain with textured effect or a damier through a precious double cloth voile of pure silk can now adorn the home environment too. These curtain fabrics complement Armani’s existing upholstery collections.

The latest Armani Casa fabric collections are characterised by an aesthetic lightness which is interpreted through vivid colors that brighten the textiles through a wider color range than ever with bright tones such as red, petroleum, viridian and forest green. Notable amongst the new collections are Nanjing that presents dragonflies and bamboo leaves drawn on a canneté background. The décor of the jacquard silk fabric is created with woven effects that simulates embroideries. The surprisingly colorful variants and subtler neutral tones are all enlivened by bright touches of color on intricate details. Nola presents an all-over embroidery with a gradient colored pattern reminiscent of a cloudy landscape with hills and treetops. The neutral colored yarns create a vertical zig-zag texture on the fabric surface. Norfolk presents a cotton and silk classic canneté weave that is interwoven with a diagonal linear design. The silk fabric is available in bright hues and classic neutrals. Nagano is a jacquard fabric with a floral décor inspired by Japanese kimono. Interposed with an artistic geometric design, the end effect has a more contemporary look, where the brilliant colors on silk satin and shiny viscose wefts add a splash of light to the fabric.





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