André du Dauphiné

Andre Du Dauphine’s collections are inspired by the quest for beauty reflected in the materials and techniques to achieve these designer upholstery fabrics. Their silk upholstery and curtain fabrics have individuality, as bespoke-made to highlight the unique aesthetics of the client and their ambiance. Using century-old techniques, Andre Du Dauphine supplies traditional hand-made interior fabrics fit for the present. In an intricate procedure, comprising 12 steps, the fabrics are painstakingly brought to life by many skilled craftsmen. Dauphine was an old Huguenot family who emigrated from France in the 17th century and settled in Mainz.

Clients are invited to select from the pattern library their design upholstery or curtain pattern. There are ten different qualities in silk, cotton or velvet of the highest standard, offering more than 1,000 hues. In traditional, hand processes over 120 different designs are placed on silk fabric. Techniques such as embossing, laminating and pleating extend further the wide range of possibilities. Historical patterns, colours and techniques weave harmoniously with modern materials and methods, tradition intertwines with innovation. Small accents or focal points in varied sizes, shapes and colours enliven each unique space and interior.





cotton, silk, traditional, velvet