The Alhambra range of innovative collections combine fashion with its latest colour trends, designs and textures. Inspired by a mix of eclectic influences from history, art, architecture or nature, Alhambra´s designs maintain an original and stylish motif. This season’s collections convey the brand’s signature whilst maintaining a clear identity: Marais with an emphasis on black and white hues; Sapori with its bright vivid hues in a range of attractive geometric forms and designs; Allure, where the historical damask 12th century technique is reinterpreted for the 21st century.


Bring the outdoors indoors: Alhambra’s Breeze collection is a series of uplifting sheers stimulated by the pure textures and essentials of the natural world such as the shapes of curling ocean waves, flower petals or tree leaves are reinterpreted to create an outdoor fabric collection that is evocative of calm and tranquillity. The collection also incorporates a large range of translucent and light textured sheers presented in whites, neutrals and subtle colours. These fabrics are all washable and easy to maintain. The gently flowing fabrics from the Breeze collection allow in natural daylight.





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