Alcantara fabric is a unique Trademarked upholstery fabric developed by a proprietary technology that can be used in cars, yachts, private jets as well as home interiors. It is an elegant, soft to the touch, sophisticated and durable fabric for home furnishings. This designer upholstery fabric is scratch-proof and does not fade.

Alcantara fabric can be used for indoor upholstery as well as outdoor due to its colour-fastness, breathability, resistance to weather. It is often the chosen fabric for high-end contract uses such as boutiques or hotels. The colour palette is vast from the palest hues in white and off-white to the most vibrant teal and copper. The Metamorphosis collection includes Papilo with an embossed damask pattern, Myristica with irregular splash effect, Amonite, Apis, Octopus, Magnolia with a wide cord (ridges) pattern, Testudo with a plaid in solid and zip-like patterns, Armadillo with an irregular semi-embossed pattern, Iguana with a vertical, varied-width stripes, Libellula with a watercolour effect and Hippocampus with a vertical and horizontal strie textures.





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